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Hey, lovely person looking at my Tumblr. My name's Alexandra but feel free to call me Alex - everyone does. I'm 19 and currently living in Saint Catharines while attending Brock University. When I'm not living in Saint Catharines I live in Toronto. I'm known for my many obsessions which include, as you'll see while viewing this blog, Sherlock, The Avengers, Andrew Scott, Doctor Who, Skulduggery Pleasant, Misfits, Homestuck, Supernatural, and many other TV shows that are known around Tumblr.

have looked upon the flippin' awesome evil genius
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2 years ago
On 26 Feb '12

I’m pretty sure Sebastian Moran will be the villain in Season 3 of Sherlock.  

He’ll probably be avenging his boss.

I can just imagine…

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